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We have a wealth of features to help you with your marketing objectives; our tools range from creating engaging, authentic and shareable content to promoting your brand through our platform.

The Faculti platform hosts content from across the world’s leading institutions including The United Nations, the British Parliament, Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, Caltech, New York University, Oxford University, Cambridge University and the University of the Arts London, and leading figures from Ambassadors and Diplomats, Poet Laureates, Pulitzer Prize Winners and global thinkers.

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Wealth of Experience

We’ve published 1,000+ videos with leading figures from across the world. We leverage media, education and technology to scale our content production and promotion, providing competitive pricing for our clients.

Smart Audience

The core of our audience is Millennial – the decision makers of today and tomorrow. Our typical user is 18-34, highly educated and interested in their field; this might be Medicine, Law, Education, Business, Finance and Economics, Architecture, Design and the Arts, Psychology, Sociology and History.

How we can promote your brand

Faculti Site

Rapidly growing viewership for our content on the most cutting-edge topics of today. Your content will be placed strategically on our site for maximum engagement.

Faculti Newsletter

With industry-leading open rates, our newsletters can target your desired audience with video content.

Social Media

We’ll share your content across social media to obtain maximum reach.

We can also create engaging content for you

Video content is used by companies to build a connection with their audience. We ensure that your brand is authentically represented through our content.

From writing a script to production and promotion, our in-house video team can create content for your brand, focusing on your target demographic.

For advertisers, connect with our Advertising Sales team below in order to learn more about who views Faculti and how your brand can connect with our audience.


London, UK: +44 203 318 2241 (9-5pm UK)

Boston, US +1 857 239 0762 (9-5pm EST)

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Faculti supports the Talking to Kids About Coronavirus initiative by Dr Michael Rich, Harvard Medical School WATCH VIDEO