Book a Faculti interview

Our editorial system:

  1. Interviewee selects time and date for their interview – the interview may be journalist led or automated via our self-recording software.
  2. Our journalists then receive details and get to preparing questions for the interview
  3. Interview questions sent across 5 days in advance of interview with details of interview
  4. Interview is undertaken
  5. Our editors then receive the raw footage and get to editing into an interview for the platform.

Booking Guidance:

  1. Please select your time zone first at the bottom of the calendar to view available times
  2. Select a time available (be careful not to select AM when you mean PM, and vice versa)
  3. Timings will run from 12.00am onwards and this is because our calendar presents all our booking slots including those in Australia, Europe and North America. Please check later days in week/month for available times. Faculti have journalists in Europe, Singapore and across North America


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