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Guest Visitors have access to a limited number of complimentary insights each month on Faculti. Your free, limited access resets at the beginning of each calendar month. You can rewatch/listen to an insight as many times as you like. Signing up for the free Faculti Basic Membership allows a user access to 300 new pre-selected insights from across the subject spectrum, plus access to our free archive. To upgrade to a premium subscription (200 annual subject insights plus subject archive) please click on To locate your subscription, navigate to the menu bar. Click on this button My Account and to there will be your account details of which Subscriptions will show your active or inactive subscriptions.

How to login

Can I have more than one account?

Unfortunately no. we only allow one account per person; but multiple accounts within an institution. Multiple Basic accounts will be removed by Faculti moderators.

I lost access to my email address, so I can’t update my password—what should I do?

As with many online services, you must have an active email address in order to create a Faculti account. Faculti also requires that you have access to this email address to reset your account password. This security procedure allows us to protect your account against unauthorized access. If you’ve lost access to the email address on your account, we cannot help you regain account access. However, there are some other methods you can try to regain access. If you’ve lost access to the email address associated with your Faculti account but still remember your password, try to sign in to your Faculti account and then immediately change your email address. If you’ve lost access to your email address, we recommend that you try contacting your email service provider (ESP) to regain access to your email account.

How do I edit my account details?

To change your email address on your account navigate to the top right hand corner where you will find your username. Click My Profile to enter your new details or email address. To change your billing address on your account navigate to the top right hand corner where you will find your username, Click My Billings to adjust your billing details.

How do I share a video on another site like Facebook or Twitter?

Go to the video page and click the Share button that appears under the video player.

Technical and Set-up Information

In order to integrate your organization IDP, we only need your IDP entity id as configured in the access management federation. We will use this id to configure the SSO access in Faculti.


Faculti Metadata Information for IT teams

Set up here

Federated SSO is an effort to allow users to access Faculti using their employee or education network IDs when they belong to an Access Federation. Your organization’s identity provider needs to be part of the UKAMF federation. Organizations that are part of the eduGAIN federation and are compatible with UKAMF are supported too.


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