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Keep up-to-date with the latest research, innovation and training videos.

Eight core professional categories to choose from: Medicine, Law, Business and Management, Education, Psychology, Sociology, Art and Design, Architecture.

How to use Faculti

Your University is trialling a subscription to Faculti so that staff, students and research postgraduates can access Faculti.net free of charge via University Single Sign-On.

Please provide us with feedback on your experience with Faculti.net


The pilot trial runs for 30 days and the University will review both the service and the learning content. Faculti in conjunction with a number of ‘pilot partners’ are running focused trials in their areas of interest across the UK, US and South East Asia.


Sign-on issues, please contact Technical Support here

Institutions placing an order by 31st October get a further 10% discount for the 2017-18 academic yearUniversity Discount