Amputations and Convalescence

The SUB-urothelial DUrvalumab InjEction-1 (SUBDUE-1) trial

The Police Surgeon, Medico-Legal Networks and Criminal Investigation in Victorian Scotland

A randomised controlled trial of three psychological treatments for anorexia nervosa

The Principle of Legality and Legislative Intention

Discerning depressive symptoms in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea

Constitutional Acquisition and Regulation of Property

The Market for Economics and Finance PhDs

Addressing concerns about ordered apologies: some recent developments

Middle Holocene Oyster Shells and the Shifting Role of History in Ecological Restoration

Can a familiar gender stereotype create a not-so-familiar benefit for women?

The Culpable Corporate Mind

The effect of a fiscal squeeze on tax enforcement: Evidence from a natural experiment in China

The doctrine of anticipatory repudiation

The sex ratio and global sodomy law reform in the post-WWII era Part 2

The sex ratio and global sodomy law reform in the post-WWII era Part 1

Cannabis use and neuropsychological performance on patients with schizophrenia

Do spouses influence each other’s stated son preference?

Understanding the gender gap in financial literacy

Supply variabilities in public workfares

Algorithmic Contracts and the Equitable Doctrine of Undue Influence

BuildSense: accurate, cost-aware, fault-tolerant monitoring

ICT Skill Development Using Excel, Xero, and Tableau

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