Non-Spherically Symmetric Collapse in AdS Spacetimes

String-Theory-Based Predictions in Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases

A Visualization of the Classical Musical Tradition

Calabi-Yau Volumes and Reflexive Polytopes

Deep-Learning the Landscape

Triangulations of the sphere, bitrades and abelian groups

Reconstruction and quantization of Riemannian structures

Modality, mathematics, and logic

Analogy – Random walks through the Sahara Desert

Self-avoiding trails on the square lattice

Riemann Sigma function – Algebraic Geometry and real-world dynamics

Product Replacement Algorithm

Marcus du Sautoy

Bayesian methods for improved legal reasoning

Impact of project based learning in STEM fields


Physical properties of mixed bilayers containing lamellar and nonlamell

DNA Topology

Zeta functions of groups and rings

DNA folded surfaces

Yang-Hui He

Bipartite graphs

Blended learning and e-learning

Statistical properties of random landscapes

Using patterns generically in school algebra

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