Trapped indoors? Long-distance dispersal in mygalomorph spiders and its effect on species ranges

Molecular Machines

Chirality in the plane

The Promise and Uncertainty of Fruit and Vegetable Prescriptions in Health Care

Sustainable Design: HCI, Usability and Environmental Concerns

Detecting Trust and Deception in Group Interaction

Building future generations of statisticians – who cares?

Sublethal effects of contaminants on marine habitat-forming species

Overcoming the rate–distance limit of quantum key distribution

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus genome in Sub-Saharan Africa

Restore or Redefine: Future Trajectories for Restoration

Trust Management in Online Social Networks



Predicting stock market trends using machine learning algorithms

Kaons and ultra-rare kaon decays

Efficient solar hydrogen generation in microgravity environment

Emergent Elasticity in Amorphous Solids

Portfolio Optimization for Cointelated Pairs: SDEs vs Machine Learning

Some Numerical Methods for the Hele-Shaw Equations

Uses of Decarboxylated cannabis resins

The Game of Poker Chips, Dominoes and Survival

Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 Indirect and Direct Detection Methods

The Cosmic Baryon and Metal Cycles

Fractionalizing a local pair density wave

Five Nonobvious Changes in Editorial Practice for Submissions in a Post p < 0.05 Universe

Spatially-Resolved Spectroscopic Properties of Galaxies

Genes as cues

Porous PEI Coating for Copper Ion Storage

SETI and the Breakthrough Listen Initiative

Targeted mutation of secretogranin-2 disrupts sexual behavior and reproduction in zebrafish

Rapid community-driven development of a SARS-CoV-2 tissue simulator

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