The Economics of Contemporary Latin America

Choice set dependent performance and post-decision dissonance

Designing practical and fair sequential team contests

Violence in the Viking World: New Bioarchaeological Evidence

Foreign Workers, Product Quality, and Trade

Why Does Capital Flow from Equal to Unequal Countries?

Acquisitions, Innovation and the Entrenchment of Monopoly

Double Machine Learning and Automated Confounder Selection

Where Did All the Crop Acres Go?

Myths of Official Measurement

School Choice Design, Risk Aversion and Cardinal Segregation

Water management in Peru: a case study of the Ica Valley

Central bank communication with non-experts – A road to nowhere?

The Macroeconomic Consequences of Structural Reforms

Uncertainty-Induced Reallocations, Innovation, and Growth

A Natural Experiment on the Effect of Instruction Time and Quality: Lessons for the Covid-19 Outbreak

Media and Social Capital

Why Are Returns to Private Business Wealth So Dispersed?

Financialisation and the New Swedish Model

Saving the world from your couch

Geoengineering: the Gamble

Moral Hazard Heterogeneity: Genes and Health Insurance Influence Smoking after a Health Shock

The impact of prices and information on water consumption

The COVID-19 Crisis and the Federal Reserve’s Policy Response

Judging Under Public Pressure

An Adaptive Targeted Field Experiment: Job Search Assistance for Refugees in Jordan

Forced Labor in Colonial Spanish America

Historical political economy and long-term socio-economic growth

Corporate Insolvency Rules and Zombie Lending

Effect of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions on Canadians’ Cross-Border Travel and Canadian Retailers

Missing Unmarried Women

COVID-19, Race, and Gender

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