Who will be able to access this content? Everyone on the planet can watch any Faculti insight for free without signup. However covering 8000 academics each year involve operational, technical and staffing costs and so we have to offer a small subscription to cover all of those (£99.99 per subject for the entire university, remember universities charge in the thousands for student fees for one student- we provide subject access for the entire university, that is all students, all faculty, all staff and all alumni for £99.99!)

So if people want to watch a Faculti interview, and then say another 3 , they can for free without signing up, they can sign up for more free curated access under our basic membership, but beyond that we have to charge the fee to cover costs, because we fundamentally do not believe in charging the interviewee to feature in the video like other video production platforms that cover research do and equally we have to cover costs. We are driven to build a sustainable and superb resource, but we also have to cover the costs involved in doing that.

Universities recognise these cost realities and have signed up across the planet for complete fleet access. Some are in their 7th year of membership with us.

Will the content only be accessible via Faculti? Yes, we dont believe in sharing / or even selling content to third parties.

Can I use the video in my teaching or show the video / link on my website? You can embed the video so users dont need to go to Faculti, via the academic membership, on any external url, and of course you can link for free.

Can I promote view social media? of course, some of our social posts get 100k views! See here and here 

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