Smart contracts

The Civil Liability of Churches

How to Kill a Zombie

Discrimination towards women and girls and FGM

Board Composition: Directors and Representatives

Driving the law to its grave

Evidence of reciprocal legal socialization in Juvenile Court

Sentencing Climate Change Activists in Australia

Coercive control in domestic relationships

Some reflections on a research journey in law and society

Drafting Inter-Asian Legalities

Can the Liberal Order be Sustained? Nations, Network Effects, and the Erosion of Global Institutions

Secret Shame: Male Infertility and Donor Conception in the Wake of Retrospective Legislative Change

The Role of Fantasy in the Battered Woman’s Right to Bear Arms

Dissent-Sensitive Permissions

Clarifying terms in the debate regarding ‘shareholder primacy’

Julian Assange, David Hicks and Whether Citizens Have Rights to Diplomatic Protection

Congressional Oversight of Modern Warfare: History, Pathologies, and Proposals for Reform

Basic Rules for Writing Good Papers in Law School

Kinship, Law and Politics

The Struggle for Disclosure of Cultural and Genetic Resource Utilization in Design

Bostock was Bogus: Textualism, Pluralism, and Title VII

Rethinking the character power as it relates to refugees and asylum seekers in Australia

The Roberts Court and Class Litigation

A theory of children’s decisional privacy

More than Utopia

Vulnerability and Collective Responsibility

Corrective justice, coherence, and Kantian right

Regulation and governance versus criminology: Disciplinary divides, intersections, and opportunities

The Brussels Effect: How the European Union Rules the World

Cities, Preemption, and the Statutory Second Amendment

Assessing Affirmative Action’s Diversity Rationale

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