Plantations by Land and Sea

A New History of the American South

The Soviet Century: Archaeology of a Lost World

Russian Citizenship, From Empire to Soviet Union

Weird weather in Bristol during the Grindelwald Fluctuation

The Black Book and the reform of public life in early nineteenth-century Britain

An impossible founding

Adam Smith’s America

Global Science, National Horizons

Thirteen Cracks

Virtue Capitalists

In Hitler’s Munich — Jews, the Revolution and the Rise of Nazism

Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers

The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana and the Difficult Heritage of Fascism

Central Europe in the High Middle Ages

The Importance of the Koala in Aboriginal Society in Nineteenth-Century Queensland

Notes on Some Unexplored Documents for the History of Angola

Servile Migration and Gender in Late Medieval England

Historicizing the BLIST concept’s genesis and transformation (1989-1994)

Railroads and the Transformation of China

The Bentham Brothers and Russia

Aboriginal People, Drinking, and Labor in the Early Australian Wine Industry

Women Missionaries and Colonial Silences in Kenya’s Female ‘Circumcision’ Controversy

The Pasig River in the Foreign Streams of the 19th Century

Pagan Virtue in a Christian World

Humanitarian Masculinity: Desire, Character and Heroics

Empathy and the Historical Understanding of the Human Past

A most picturesque mass of rags

Sappho in Australia and New Zealand

Born in Blood: The Violent Making of the Modern World

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