A no-delay single machine scheduling problem to minimize total weighted early and late work

Land ownership and land registration suitability theory

Using a Virtual Hospital for Piloting Patient Flow Decongestion Interventions

Australian houses in a study for Forest and Wood Products

Approximating the Architecture of Visual Cortex in a Convolutional Network

One Water Approach

Continuous Forest Monitoring Using Cumulative Sums of Sentinel-1 Timeseries

The global climate value of offshore wind energy

Collaborating robots sample the primary production in the ocean

Remote Practicals in the Time of Coronavirus

Cyber Security with Application to Energy Systems

The Polycentric Dynamics of Melbourne and Sydney

The Dynamics of Mixed Layer Deepening during Open-Ocean Convection

BuildSense: accurate, cost-aware, fault-tolerant monitoring

Automated Scoring of Hemiparesis in Acute Stroke Using Wearable Accelerometry

A novel rotational inertia damper for amplifying fluid resistance

Development of an Analog System to Simulate Interface Formation During Fusion Casting

Microwave based contactless screening tool for solar cell applications

Hey Robot, Which Way Are You Going?

The rise of short fibre reinforced plastics

Low-power microelectronics embedded in live jellyfish enhance propulsion

Big data analytics in telecommunications

An Insight into Practical Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging in Smart Grid

The impact of EHRs on the patient-physician relationship

Atmospheric boundary layer flow

Bright Ferritin – a Reporter Gene Platform

Bringing the light inside the body to perform better surgery

Vibrational control

Arithmetic Circuit Verification

Collective behaviors in a fish-inspired robot swarm

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