Happiness by Design

Like ripples on a pond: Behavioral spillovers and their implications for policy

Payback: The parameters of revenge in romantic relationships

Addressing the causes and consequences of patients’ perceptions of enduring somatic threat

How Recessions Can Push People Together or Pull Them Apart

ADHD, financial distress, and suicide in adulthood

Impact of Digital Life Stories

The Puzzle of Danish

The Mark of Villainy

Fanon, Education, Action

Adaptive Problem of Detecting Kinship

Pyramids or sandcastles? Regulating police conduct in Ireland

Emotional devaluation in ignoring and forgetting as a function of adolescent development

The Shadow Pandemic

Cruel and unusual punishment

Out of My Skull: The Psychology of Boredom

Piaget’s stages of cognitive development explained

Dying and relational aftermath concerns among terminal cancer patients in China

Utopia and ideology in cultural dynamics

Gatekeeping in High-Performance Settings

There is a lot more to compulsions than meets the eye

Autobiographical memory and the self

Applied Interpretive Approaches

Psychological ownership: implicit and explicit

Interface Theory vs Gibson: An Ontological Defense of the Ecological Approach

Sex differences in education: exploring children’s gender identity

Volunteer-led behavioural activation to reduce depression in residential care

Bilingualism: The foreign language effect does not extend to rational decision making

Facial identity across the lifespan

Exploring the lived experience of parental infidelity

How accurate are interest inventories?

CBT Approaches

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