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Our team of Faculti journalists undertake in-person video and audio interviews across the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

The Faculti Audience

The Faculti audience is predominantly the higher education, academic and research community, undergraduates through to leading academics, however also beyond the academic community Faculti has professional users with partners such as hospitals and schools eg. Doctors and Teachers.

Our audience metrics show that there is a clear correlation between interviews watched/listened to and those studying, researching or working in that field. So we always suggest, “What does your specific-subject audience need to hear?” Once the strategy is centred on the needs of the audience, that provides the framework for what needs to be said. If it doesn’t address that audience need, it may be extraneous.

Production Process

Running time (approx 20 minutes)

a. Booking confirmed and interview questions sent in advance

b. Faculti Journalist calls you and outlines process.

c. To help structure and guide your interview, and also to help editors in post-production, the Faculti journalist will again ask the questions. The Faculti Interviewer will not be in final cut.

d. Photo headshot requested from our office, but we always appreciate if you are able to send us one across – preferably a landscape version.

e. Audio enters post-production process (2 weeks minimum)

f. Follow up email includes links to the interview for your viewing and/or listening pleasure.

Three steps to a great Faculti interview

A key part to the interview and the communication of your work is that we do not want to lose the academic weight of the piece. So please do not feel you need to dumb the work down. A good place to start is to ask yourself the question: Are my responses short and accessible? Based on the 2000+ figures we have covered so far and both researcher and audience feedback, we have some tips…

1. Timing and pace Try to keep responses to each question between 2-4 minutes.

2. Keep it simple, but not too simple. Try and omit qualifiers and superfluous statements without losing the academic weight of the piece.

3. Moving in and out of the depth of field from either the camera or the audio headset can cause issues with the image and/or sound as can swinging on chairs or background noise. Busy backdrops can be distracting. Lets aim for a quiet backdrop. Do drop a little note on your office door highlighting that you may be out of touch for 15 minutes.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now also conducting audio and video interviews online.

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