Interview Recorder

Many thanks for recording with us. Once completed our editors will edit the raw audio and then convert it into a Faculti insight.

General Tips

For general interview tips go here

Be sure to include name of topic or publication in the form when you submit.

We allow maximum of 25 mins in total, so there is plenty of time and our editors are real humans! So they can identify and cut/fix mistakes.

How to record your interview

Desktop and Mobile Recording

1. Ensure desktop microphone is activated.
2. Open up questions sent from our editorial office.
3. Follow each Question response in turn. Press Record to start and the same button when you have finished your response. Each answer is saved automatically in turn.
4. When you have completed all of your responses. Press the final Completed button at the bottom of the page.

Mobile Recording (iOS)

Important note: Apple does not support audio only recording through HTML Media Capture (which is how we capture our sound). Our recording client below records both video and audio, but you do not need to worry about the video, as many of our interviewees hold the phone as if undertaking a call. We will convert this recording to a audio recording in post-production, no video will be used.


Editorial Form


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