Record Audio

Many thanks for recording with us. Once completed our editors will edit the raw audio and then convert it into a Faculti insight. 

How to record your interview

1. Ensure desktop microphone is activated. See detailed advice here for framing, audio and other tips. 

2.  Introduce yourself for our editors with a simple name introduction and what you will speaking about. Respond to questions sent from our editorial office if you have these.

3. Press the red Record button to start and the same button to stop. You may want to record your responses to all the questions in one take, please indicate when you have finished the response to each question. Or you may want to send responses individually. The interview edit is then saved automatically and sent to our editorial office.

4. When you have completed all of your responses. Please complete the final form at the bottom of the page. The interview will then enter our editing cycle. 

Editorial Form

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