Busting the Bankers Club

Golden Fetters

The Ordinary Business of Life

Wine’s belated globalization, 1845–2025

The Capital Order

Drought, peasant uprisings, and demand for institutional change in the French Revolution

Religion, rulers, and conflict

Culture, Institutions & the Long Divergence

Fighting for Growth

Women in European academia before 1800

Easy Money: American Puritans and the Invention of Modern Currency

The Representation of Economics in Cinema

A Monetary and Fiscal History of the United States, 1961–2021

Terms of trade during the first globalization

Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: The Market for Lemons

The Origins and Dynamics of Inequality

Shukranitisara: A Political Economy Text at the Cusp of Indian Kingdoms and Colonial Rule

‘Buy British’: An analysis of UK attempts to turn a slogan into government policy

A History of the Bank of England

Hacienda somos todos, cariño

Economic Inequality in Preindustrial Times: Europe and Beyond

Manufacturing Revolutions: Industrial Policy and Industrialization in South Korea

Violence in the Viking World: New Bioarchaeological Evidence

The Demographic Effects of Colonialism

Energising Mexico: Historical Energy Consumption, Transitions and Economic Growth 1880-2015

Copyrights and Creativity

Postbellum Electoral Politics in California and the Genesis of the Chinese Exclusion Act

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