We’re both here to do a job and that’s all that matters’

How Little Supervision Can We Have?

Beyond Predatory Peace

The Science of Hate

Comparing objectives of independent police complaints bodies

Body-worn cameras ‘on the move’

Pyramids or sandcastles? Regulating police conduct in Ireland

The Shadow Pandemic

Cruel and unusual punishment

Necropolitics and the violence of Indigenous incarceration

Gang Disengagement, Desistance and the Role of Spirituality

Gangs of Russia: From the Streets to the Corridors of Power

Policing cybercrime: networked and social media technologies and the challenges for policing

Copyright, trolling and speculative invoicing in the shadow of the law

Working in Partnership: The challenges of working across organisational boundaries, cultures and practices

Crime Prevention and Community Safety: Politics, Policies and Practices

A Violent Legacy: Policing Insurrection in South Africa From Sharpeville to Marikana

Interviewing Eyewitnesses

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