Policing the Black Man: Arrest, Prosecution, and Imprisonment

Juror and community views of the guilty plea sentencing discount

Coercive control in domestic relationships

COVID-19: An Exceptional or Surrounding Circumstance for the Purposes of Bail and Sentencing?

A Dual Scrutiny Mechanism for Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Law Landscape

Exploring detainees’ understanding of the right to a lawyer and potential barriers to accessing legal advice

Terrorist Profiling and Law Enforcement Detection, Prevention, Deterrence

Punished for Aging: Vulnerability, Rights, and Access to Justice in Canadian Penitentiaries

Is Death Different to Federal Judges?

Preventing and Reducing “Coercion” in Mental Health Services

Procedural justice, compliance with the law and police

Unwanted Distribution of Children’s Images and the Right to Development

Kimberley Capers: An Outback ‘Whodunnit?’

Prohibiting impersonation of police in an era of Deepfakes

The Prisoner Trade

The Wandering Officer

Disaggregating Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Doctrine

Privatisation of police: Themes from Australia

Excessive use of force cases

Bottom-Up Data Trusts

The Scope of Serious Crime and Preventive Justice

Policing cybercrime: networked and social media technologies and the challenges for policing

Copyright, trolling and speculative invoicing in the shadow of the law

Human Trafficking and Legal Culture

The Sex Bureaucracy

At Home in the Law: How the Domestic Violence Revolution Is Transforming Privacy

Threats and Criminal Deterrence in Several Dimensions

Working in Partnership: The challenges of working across organisational boundaries, cultures and practices

Crime Prevention and Community Safety: Politics, Policies and Practices

Research co-production and knowledge mobilisation in policing

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