Let Our Bodies Change the Subject

¡Vino! The History and Identity of Spanish Wine

Practicing Food Studies

Black Power, Jewish Politics Reinventing the Alliance in the 1960s

Loving the Dying

Making Space

“Are You Calling Me a Racist?”


Galloping Gourmet Eating and Drinking with Buffalo Bill

Like Water: A Cultural History of Bruce Lee

To Educate American Indians

Spymaster’s Prism The Fight against Russian Aggression

The Ordinary Business of Life

Acetylene Torch Songs Writing True Stories to Ignite the Soul

Good Guys, Bad Guys The Perils of Men’s Gender Activism

Pregnant at Work: Low-Wage Workers, Power, and Temporal Injustice

Reading It Wrong


The New Nancy

A Traitor to His Species

Out of Place

A Forgotten Friendship

Reckoning with Racism: Police, Judges, and the RDS Case

Americans in a World at War

Peru since Independence

The Copy Generic

Cross-Border Cosmopolitans

The Eternal Decline and Fall of Rome

From Back Alley to the Border

Autumn Song: Essays on Absence

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