The Doors of Perception: Horror Video Games and the Ideological Implications of Ludic Virtual Reality

Settler Aesthetics

Time, memory and history in the labour documentary film

Growing Cinephilia and Filmmaking in Senegal

Monkey Williams

Netflix and the Re-invention of Television

Mother India: 100 years of Indian Cinema

Writing for the Cut

Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism

Looking China: unique opportunity

Understanding Bollywood

Lesbian Cinema after Queer Theory

Dressing for the future: Speculative fashion in 1930s Hollywood

Vampires, Race, and Transnational Hollywoods

For An Open Campus

New Independent Indian Cinema: Disciplinary Evolution and Cinematic Revolution

Ajami and the Paradox of Fiction

The Films of John Cassavetes

William Raban on Available Light

Playing funny games in the last house on the left

In the Space of a Song

Restless bodies, buried texts

Cultural Memory and British Cinema-going of the 1960s

First Films of the Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and the Genocide of the Jew

Representations of the Holocaust in Soviet Cinema

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