Snewíyalh tl’a Staḵw (Teachings of the Water)

The art of contested histories

Can conducting be taught?

Revisiting Apocalypse Now

From Sicily to New York

Female Subjectivities: the Words, Music, and Images of Progressive Metal

Gawkers: Art and Audience in Late Nineteenth-Century France

What the Emperor Built

Beatrice de Roos and the Making of Art

Inner Ear

Dancing Odissi: Paratopic Performances of Gender and State

Hebrew Psalms and the Utrecht Psalter

Of heroes, maidens and squirrels: Reimagining traditional Finnish folk poetry in metal lyrics

Autumn Song: Essays on Absence

Rise Up! Indigenous Music in North America

Butterfly Nebula

Women of the Windrush

The Economy of Persistence: Mario the Tailor

Embouchure Muscle Activity in Student and Elite Trumpeters

Sonic Sovereignty

Unbelonging: Inauthentic Sounds in Mexican and Latinx Aesthetics

I Farnese committenti di scavo

The five senses in Hell

De-growing museum collections for new heritage futures

Playing outside the frame

The Body in Question

Sappho in Australia and New Zealand

Characterizing the Emotion of Individual Piano and Other Musical Instrument Sounds

Textiles of the Bronze Age

Typologies of the North

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