Aboriginal People, Drinking, and Labor in the Early Australian Wine Industry

Henry Brougham and the Invention of Cannes

Women Missionaries and Colonial Silences in Kenya’s Female ‘Circumcision’ Controversy

The Pasig River in the Foreign Streams of the 19th Century

Justice and Love: A Philosophical Dialogue

Pagan Virtue in a Christian World

Printing Religion after the Enlightenment

Metaphors we Lie by: our ‘War’ against COVID-19

Humanitarian Masculinity: Desire, Character and Heroics

The Body in Question

Empathy and the Historical Understanding of the Human Past

A most picturesque mass of rags

Sappho in Australia and New Zealand

Born in Blood: The Violent Making of the Modern World

Characterizing the Emotion of Individual Piano and Other Musical Instrument Sounds

Textiles of the Bronze Age

Rebel in the Ranks

Ziya Gökalp: Europe’s Seminal Proto-Fascist?

Les rats de Paris

Typologies of the North

City Planning, Social Progress, Colony, and Metropole

Power and Politics at the Colonial Seaside

British Engagement with Japan, 1854–1922

The Scottish landed estate: Break-up or survival?

Inefficient Mapping: A Protocol for Attuning to Phenomena

Enterprising Women and War Profiteers

Was Federation motivated by federalism?

The Scientific Manager and the FBI

From Kiev Across All Russia

The politics of suffering: from the survivor-witness to humanitarian witnessing

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