Time-domain characterization of human skin tissue for nano-electromagnetic communication

Assessment of flood and rain impact on properties of historic masonry

Supporting Clinical Commisioning

Biologically Inspired Robot Design

Experimental Study into the Flow Physics of Three-Dimensional Shock Control

Multimodal affect modelling and recognition for empathic robots

Polarization Reconfigurable Ultra Wideband Antenna

Development of a Thermoacoustic Engine

Low cost energy storage flywheel

Adaptive state estimation of a PEM fuel cell

Concurrent Object Oriented Programming in a Logic Variable Language

Improved multiple birdsong tracking with distribution derivative method

Partial Orders for Efficient BMC of Concurrent Software

Potential therapeutic effects of CNP in protecting cartilage

DC Electric Fields on the Deposition Growth of Titanium Dioxide

Bootstrapping Normativity

Post-occupancy evaluation

An open dataset for research on audio field recording – Mark Plumbley

Oussama Metatla

Web content cartography

Employing nanotechnology to reduce cancer metastasis

Big data for mobile devices

Bayesian methods for improved legal reasoning

Cell electrospinning: a new tool for regenerative medicine

Optical Sensors

Earthquake Structural Engineering

The Theory of Darwinian Neurodynamics

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