Dressed in Pattern

Dressed in Pattern is a research output consisting of a body of artworks made over a two year period and completed in 2016 which drew upon landscape, text and decorative motifs sourced from the Spode Museum Trust archive of engravings. The work includes an installation of tableware ‘Spode Trees and Dressed Silhouettes’ (commissioned by the British Ceramics Biennial 2015), single and sequenced ceramic plates, paintings and a series of lasercut relief prints ‘In the shadows’ created and printed at Oficina Bartolomeu Dos Santos (OBS) Tavira, Portugal in 2015.

The artworks bring together Charlotte Hodes experience of working as an artist on placements at the Spode Ceramic factory (1998-2004), of working with the form of the dinner service and of her interest in placing the artwork firmly within the everyday domestic context of the home. It also exemplified my use of the hand craft and papercut processes associated with the female. In her installation ‘Spode Trees & Dressed Silhouettes’ the women take ownership of their domestic landscape, moving effortlessly across the ware.

‘Dressed in Pattern’ was made possible by an Arts Council England grant (awarded with artist Paul Scott in 2014) for research and development. Images within film Copyright Charlotte Hodes.

Image courtesy of the interviewee

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