Spaces of New Colonialism

Learning loss during Covid-19


Nurturing Wellbeing Development in Education

Triangulation in history education research, and its limitations

Fundamental British Values in the Early Years

Who are gaining the highly paid elite placements in UK higher education?

Individual and academic differences on placement participation rate

Real-World Equity Issues in the Mathematics Classroom

Free Higher Education, Myths and Realities

Teaching European Citizen Identity through Art

Creative Connections

Assessment in Citizenship

School children, precarity and citizenship

Building a Case of Diverse Knowledge Transfer in Higher Education between Finland and Dubai

Of the Labyrinth: becoming worldly with darkness

Education Systems and Learners

How does moving house affect young children?

Lost in translation? Comparative education research and the production of academic knowledge

Design possibilities for the e-Schoolbag: Addressing the 1:1 challenge within China

Striving for International Understanding Through Literature

The health and educational risk faced by refugees in South Africa

Globalization and Education for Cosmopolitan Citizenship

Education work to promote democratic citizenship and human rights

International frameworks for psychology education and training

EuroPsy: Standards and Quality in Education for Professional Psychologists

Teacher knowledge and professional capabilities in Nigeria

Why do East Asian children perform so well in PISA?

Responding to Humanitarian Cries from the Margins

The Development of Critical Consciousness in Adolescents Attending Urban Charter High Schools

The Winds of Freedom: Addressing Challenges to the University

What can we learn from PISA

The Millennium Development Goals

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