Building a Case of Diverse Knowledge Transfer in Higher Education between Finland and Dubai

Sunitha Kshatriya makes a comparison of learning models implemented at Al Dar University College, Dubai and Laurea University, Finland while trying to synthesize post-secondary education’s (PSEs) functions and their role in enabling student success; against a backdrop of PSEs social and economic impact on 21st century learning skills around the world. Dr Sunitha Kshatriya is an Associate Professor & Institutional Effectiveness Director at Al Dar University College, Dubai and Chairperson of the ‘Empowerment Centre for the Advancement of Education’(ECAfE), a not-for-profit based in Toronto, Canada. In the past 12 years Sunitha Kshatriya has played a key role in establishing academic and not-for-profit institutions in Dubai and Canada including various strategic partnerships related to Education and Women Empowerment initiatives. She specializes in program creation, teaching, training and curriculum design, reinforced with an extensive breadth of international experience in HR management, policy development, and strategic leadership in the public, private, and academic sectors. ECAfE’s mandate is to support marginalized and disadvantaged groups in the community through education, training, mentorship and development and, whose principle objectives include Education and Training, Supporting Women, Seniors and Adolescents suffering Domestic Abuse including Health Care / Mental Health needs. She received the Status of Women, Canada award in 2012 for her project on Women Empowerment.



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