Negotiating in Professional Relationship

When ‘I’ becomes ‘we’

Developing successful assumed autonomy‐based initiatives

Better Together!

Recognition Killed the Radio Star?

Conforming to Gender Stereotypes and Entrepreneurs’ Financing Outcomes

License to Layoff?

Bending the pipes

Pandemic Aftershock

Job demands and burnout

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A socio-ecological perspective on menstrual health management

Embodying the Market

Engaging Stakeholders: Managing Grand Challenges

Relations in Aesthetic Space: How Color Enables Market Positioning

The Impact of Ride-Hailing Services on Congestion

Strategic Inventories in Competitive Supply Chains Under Bargaining

Consumers’ motivations for adopting a vegan diet

Sucking Stones

Does travel desire influence COVID-19 vaccination intentions?

Organizational responses to political sanctions

What enables us to better experience our work as meaningful? The importance of awareness and the social context

Walking back to happiness: the resurgence of latent callings in later life

Sometimes enough is enough: Nurses’ nonlinear levels of passion and the influence of politics

Resource interdependence and successful exit: A configurational perspective on young technology firms

Conflict Management and Leadership for Managers

Changes within activity patterns through network tensions

Doing Organizational Identity: Earnings Surprises and the Performative Atypicality Premium

The secrets of supermarketing: A model balanced on a knife

Why Do Institutions Revert? Institutional Elasticity and Petroleum Sector Reforms in India

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