Towards a Theoretical Foundation for Performance Measurement and Management

Choosing between the formal and informal economy

Peter Cappelli on the Future of the Office

Contrasting voluntary versus involuntary layoff

Learning from testimony on quantitative research in management

What Is Wrong With Treating Followers Differently?

Feedback-Seeking Behavior

Becoming a scholarly management practitioner

Sign of ‘Cross-Vergence’ in Global HRM-CSR? The UK and Japan Compared

Humanitarian logistics at a crossroads

CEO Career Variety: Effects on Firm-Level Strategic and Social Novelty

Evidence-based management

Kicking Ass in a Corset

Vulnerability of the United Kingdom’s food supply chains exposed by COVID-19

Global and non-global city locations

Risk Analysis for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Operations in Extreme Environments

Teaching-focused university–industry collaborations

External Collaborative Coordination

Collywobbles: How to Negotiate When Negotiating Makes you Nervous

Collaborative Solutions to Wicked Business and Societal Problems

Reducing Food Waste: An Operations Management Research Agenda

Managing the MNE subsidiary

Cultural Sensitivity

When Staying Is Dissatisfying

Interorganizational Relationships as Political Battlefields

Feedback Loops as Dynamic Processes of Organizational Knowledge Creation

You’re Fired! Gender Disparities in CEO Dismissal

Line Managers as Paradox Navigators in HRM Implementation

Satellite big data analytics for ethical decision making

An exploration of career sustainability in and after professional sport

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