The contingent nature of the political skill-employee performance relationship

The journey to hybrid working

When ‘I’ becomes ‘we’

License to Layoff?

Embodying the Market

Doing Organizational Identity: Earnings Surprises and the Performative Atypicality Premium

Why Do Institutions Revert? Institutional Elasticity and Petroleum Sector Reforms in India

Can a familiar gender stereotype create a not-so-familiar benefit for women?

Affective Climate and Organization-Level Emotion Management

The Curious Case of Judicial Interpretation and Labour Flexibility in India

Seeker beware: The interpersonal costs of ignoring advice

When a Balanced Life Leads to a Better Life

Sustainability in complex agriculture projects

Knowledge Work and Human Resource Development

Contesting Commercialization

Organizational Learning and Performance: The Science and Practice of Building a Learning

Working from Home Realities

Perceived Organizational Politics and Employee Voice

Political behavior in organizations

The Determinants of Organizational Ethical Vulnerability

Firm timing of exit from open multipartner alliances

The Role of Corporate Culture in Bad Times

Pro-business degrowth

Mutual Respect in Organizational Separation Processes

The Emergence of Change in Unexpected Places

Social innovations in outsourcing

Performance at the Limit: Business Lessons from Formula 1 Motor Racing

The geography of learning

A Case Study Of Empowerment: Linking Adult Training To Employment Through Innovative Learning Approaches

Introducing Employment Relations

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