State-centric proportionality analysis in Chinese administrative litigation

Taxing Police Brutality Bonds

The Clerkships Whisper Network: What it is, why it’s broken, and how to fix it

The Rohingya refugee crisis: analyzing the international law implications of its environmental impacts on Bangladesh

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Anniversary Commemoration and International Human Rights Law

Unsexing citation: Closing the gender gap in global public law

Online homophobia from the perspectives of LGBTQ+ social media users

Racial bias as a multi-stage, multi-actor problem: Analysis of pretrial detention

Rethinking the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Towards the Next Generation of Law

Rethinking the role of debt in law students’ career choices

Rights, Common Good, and the Separation of Powers

Horizontal Dialogue Between UN Treaty Bodies and Regional Human Rights Courts

Historiography and Constitutional Adjudication

Localised medical moralities: organ trafficking and Israeli medical professionals

Law And Orders

Killing Precedent: The Slaughter-House Constitution

Do codes of conduct really mean a change in corporate practices about human rights? Evidence from the largest garment companies worldwide

Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights: A Decade Later

Global constitutionalism and the legal system of China: Is dignity foundational?

From hierarchical to panoptic control: China’s solution in monitoring judges

Child soldiers as contemporary slaves: A human rights approach

China, normative change, and the UN Human Rights Council

A Performative Theory of Judicial Dissent

Asymmetric review of qualified immunity appeals

Child labor and unfree labor: Evidence from the palm oil sector in Sabah (East Malaysia)

Conceptualizing the transformative justice potential of peace processes

Quantifying disparate questioning of Black and White jurors in capital jury selection

The usage and utility of body-worn camera footage in courts: A survey analysis of state prosecutors

The effect of judges’ gender on decisions regarding intimate-partner violence

“It’s like living in a black hole”: Reevaluating the use of solitary confinement during COVID-19

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