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Depictions of Germany in a popular photobook

While existing studies of twentieth-century German photobooks have understandably sought out volumes by the most iconic photographers, no photobook series better documents the continuities and ruptures of modern German history than the conventional and highly commercial Blauen Bücher.

Well, my research has looked into many different aspects of German history in the 19th and 20th Century particularly cultural history. I started out looking at architecture. I've looked at design and the visual arts but also alternative lifestyles of research. This is the first output of a new research project for me looking at popular photo books in 20th century Germany by photo books. I mean books where the primary medium of communication is the photograph there may also be a written text as well photo books have been around really since the beginning of Photography, but they only became possible in a sort of mass market cheap form around the 1890s nineteen hundreds. Matthew Jefferies for Faculti.