Resource augmentation in Heterogeneous Internet of Things via UAVs

Genetic Programming with Transfer Learning for Urban Traffic Modelling and Prediction

Using the Max-Sum Algorithm for Supply Chain Emergence in Dynamic Multiunit Environment

COIL: Constrained Optimization in Learned Latent Space

A reliable vaccine tracking and monitoring system for health clinics using blockchain

Creativity Inspired Generative Zero-Shot Learning

Security Challenges and Opportunities of Software-Defined Networking

Fairness of Scoring in Online Job Marketplaces

Breaking the circularity in circular analyses

Sustainable Design: HCI, Usability and Environmental Concerns

Detecting Trust and Deception in Group Interaction

Trust Management in Online Social Networks


Predicting stock market trends using machine learning algorithms

To Allow, or Deny?

Fake News in an Era of Social Media: Tracking Viral Contagion

The Hiring Gambit: In Search of the Twofer Data Scientist

A novel bibliometric index with a simple geometric interpretation

Capacity Upper Bounds for Deletion-Type Channels

Experience Driven Design of Creative Systems

Constructionist Learning for Student Coders

Modal Learning in a Neural Network

Sir Nigel Shadbolt on Open innovation and linked data

Data-driven Learning in an Incremental Grammar Framework

Automatic affect analysis

Workflow Satisfiability Problem

Virtual Organization – a vision of management in the information age

An Agent-Based Analyses of F-formations

Web content cartography

The Development of

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