Taking Liberty Decisions Away from “Imitation” Judges

Transformative Immigration Lawyering

ValuJet Flight 592: Crisis communication theory blended and extended

The many faces of the AMPA-type ionotropic glutamate receptor

Educating for Critical Race and Anti-Colonial Intersections

The Irreducible Cores of Trustee Obligations

Nourishing Caregiver Collaborations

Cytotoxic Activity and Anti-Migratory Effect of Berberine-Phytantriol Liquid Crystalline on Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

The Dynamics of Opportunity in America

Predatory Practices and Scholarly Communication

A double-edged sword? Founder Teams’ Prior International Experience and INV International Scale-up

Transforming Restorative Justice for Transitional Settings

Profits and Power: Navigating the Politics and Geopolitics of Oil

The Writing of Women into Canadian Educational History in English Canada and Francophone Quebec

L’évaluation d’aujourd’hui et du futur: Garante de son passé?

The SUB-urothelial DUrvalumab InjEction-1 (SUBDUE-1) trial

Designing Preferential Rules of Origin for the AfCFTA

Amplifying Informal Science Learning

What do Australians think about inclusion?

Prediction of Impending Drought Scenarios Based on Surface and Subsurface Parameters in a Selected Region of Tropical Queensland, Australia

Ready to write? Investigating the writing experiences of pre-service teachers and their readiness to teach writing

Middle-class mothers’ participation in tutoring for spoken English

On critical thinking and content knowledge

Reactive oxygen species: role in obesity and mitochondrial energy efficiency

The Potential of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) to Supply Net Zero Carbon Housing

Reclaiming structural steels from the end of service life composite structures for reuse

Beyond Decisions About a Child and Decisions Affecting a Child in Deportation Cases

The Role of Fairness and Basic Psychological Needs in Understanding Dyslexic Students’ Emotions in Classroom Assessment

The Birmingham Book

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

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