Data Valuation and Law

Livening Up 1L Year

The Rise of Fiduciary Law

Tax Administration in and beyond the Canadian context

Educating Heroic Chief Executives

Constitutional Acquisition and Regulation of Property

Novel Food Ingredient

Corporate Compliance’s Achilles Heel

Joel Bakan on The Corporation

Birds’ Modern Insurance Law

Finfluencers and the Reasonable Retail Investor

5G and Beyond

The corporate board in an age of collaborative intelligence and complex risk

Public Reporting of Monitorship Outcomes

The Culpable Corporate Mind

Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct – can it be made fit for purpose?

Incentivising Angels

Tax Development In Africa: Three Beacons On The Path To Recovery

Corporations, Accountability and International Criminal Law

The collateralisation of intangible and intellectual property assets by non-financial listed entities

Virtual Currency Law: The Emerging Legal and Regulatory Framework

Insolvent litigation funding and new regulatory measures

Smart contracts

Board Composition: Directors and Representatives

Drafting Inter-Asian Legalities

Clarifying terms in the debate regarding ‘shareholder primacy’

The doctrine of anticipatory repudiation

Consumer Credit Regulation and Rights-based Social Justice

Egalitarian Digital Privacy: Image Based Abuse and Beyond

Culture Is Key

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