Managing racism? Race equality and decolonial educational futures

The War Beat, Pacific: The American Media at War Against Japan

Should bads be inflicted all at once, like Machiavelli said? Evidence from life-satisfaction data

The Effects of Joining Multinational Supply Chains

Markets with Search Friction

Pension Design and the Failed Economics of Squirrels

British Engagement with Japan, 1854–1922

Data and policy decisions: Experimental evidence from Pakistan

A History of the Bank of England

Happiness by Design

Like ripples on a pond: Behavioral spillovers and their implications for policy

Retirement Consumption and Pension Design

On the Use of Current or Forward-Looking Data in Monetary Policy

The economics of skyscrapers

The constraint on public debt when r < g but g < m

Science as Civil Society: Implications for a Green Transition

Estimates of the global mortality and poverty effects of the Covid-19 pandemic

High-Value Work and the Rise of Women

Legalising assisted dying: cross purposes and unintended consequences

The influence of group status on leader endorsement

Rethinking practice for the use of data from crowdsourcing market places

Liminal Entrepreneuring

Framing uncertainty: narratives, change and digital technologies

IVF global histories, USA: between Rock and a marketplace

Shaping Cities in an Urban Age

1917: War, Peace, and Revolution

A new type of revolution: socialist thought in India

Mapping China’s Growth and Development in the Long Run

Dealing with systemic risk when we measure it badly

On Fat tails, VaR and subadditivity

District magnitude and representation of the majority’s preferences

The Electoral Sweet Spot: Low‐Magnitude Proportional Electoral Systems

Overconfidence is universal?

How poverty affects peoples decision-making processes

Hierarchy in the eye of the beholder

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