The Sexual Politics of Gendered Violence and Women’s Citizenship

Captive Revolution: Palestinian Women’s Anti-Colonial Struggle within the Israeli Prison System

The Opportunity Trap

Women’s territory and patriarchal embeddedness in tourism in Nepal

Introducing the Red Tent

Do Hiring Practices Penalize Women and Benefit Men for Having Children?

Why Property Matters? New Varieties of Domestic Patriarchy in Turkey

Women’s Experiences in the Revolving Door of the Criminal Justice System

Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are

Contemporary Muslim Girlhoods in India

Border Women in Narratives of Forced Displacement in Greece

Class, Control, and Classical Music

Promoting gender responsive support for women inmates

Intersectional life-course inequalities among LGBTQI+ people

FGM, social media activism and ‘honour’ killings

Girls constructing ‘healthy’ identities in school

The Exclusionary Politics of Digital Financial Inclusion

Femifesta? Reflections on writing a feminist memoir and a feminist manifesto

Conceiving Contemporary Parenthood: Intentions, Expectations and Reproductive Technologies

Making Parents: Reproductive Technologies and Parenting Culture Across Borders

Fertile connections? Thinking across Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Parenting Culture Studies

Black Feminism and the Intersectionality of Race and Gender

Gender, migration and the End of Slavery

Intensive Fatherhood? The (Un)involved Dad

Who Cares for Children?

Gendering the Arab Spring

Female Iraqi Academics In Post-Invasion Iraq

Fertility and Wealth

Respecting Difference: Race, faith and culture for teacher educators

Militant Lactivism? Attachment Parenting and Intensive Motherhood

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