Reliability of g-factor in Italian INVALSI data (2010-2022)

Getting things done: Conscientiousness and Goal Setting Theory

Children’s moralization of harm to animals vs. meat

Abuse types in young couples by sex

Consumer Acceptance of Cultured Meat

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Item Wording and Response Scales in Personality Inventories

Cognitive Closure and Positive Mental Health in Italian Students

Childhood Experiences, Psychopathy, and Sadism on Internet Trolling

Entrepreneurial Intention and Stages of Entrepreneurial Action

Interest in Sleep–Pain Relationship: Research and Public Perspectives

James S. Jackson and Research on Black Americans

Impact of Growth Mindset Interventions on Academic Achievement

Supervision Limits in Criminal Justice

Beyond Predatory Peace: An Analysis

Current Crisis in American Criminal Justice: A Structural Analysis

Conservative Criminal Justice Reform Amid Rising Crime

Delusions: A Meta-analysis of Global Literature

Reclaiming the Past: Black Scholars in Psychology

James M. Jones’ Contributions to Racism Theories

Nigrescence Theory from 1971 to 2021: Contributions of W.E. Cross, Jr.

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