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Return Predictability, Expectations, and Investment

Adapting to Climate Change

Moonshots, investment booms, and selection bias in the transmission of cultural traits

Sade and the Terminus of Satire

Audits of Local Governments

Opportunistic Proposals by Union Shareholders

Contesting Commercialization

Let the People Rule: How Direct Democracy Can Meet the Populist Challenge

Veblen goods and urban distinction

A Theory of Ethical Accounting and Its Implications for Hypocrisy in Organizations

Estimation of Fixed Effects Dynamic Panel Data Models

Robert Kozinets on Netnography

Guys Like Me: Five Wars, Five Veterans for Peace

Changing Conversations in Museums of the Americas

The Game of Poker Chips, Dominoes and Survival

Cooking the Books Using Different Ingredients

Almost Citizens

Based on a True Story: Making People Believe the Unbelievable

Arterial blood gas values and the clinical futility of trauma cases

The need for a theory of sociotechnical self-orchestration

Frankenstein’s Ghosts

Osmotic stabilization prevents cochlear synaptopathy after blast trauma

Persuading Customers to Buy Early

Growth Units

Chinese Local Bond Spreads, Monetary Policy and Misallocation

From Equity Talk to Equity Walk

Arab Routes: Pathways to Syrian California

Irrational Exuberance: Correcting Bias in Probability Estimates

Global health and human rights for a post pandemic world

Japan’s New Regional Reality

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