Data Sharing Agreement (For institutions)

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Data Protection

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) Faculti is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Registration Number: ZA210229. Faculti Servers are hosted on Digital Ocean in New York, USA, which comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the US Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of Personal Data from European Economic Area (“EEA”) member countries.
While you are signed-up for Faculti services, Faculti needs to collect, store, use and disclose certain data about you. We require this information for our normal business purposes, such as services to future and current users.

When we process data about you, we have to observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

The document below tell you the terms on which Data will be shared between Faculti and the name institution. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. You will receive a copy of the Data Sharing Agreement for future reference.

By clicking on the button marked “[I Accept]”, you accept these terms and conditions (on behalf of the Institution).  Please understand that, if you refuse to accept this agreement, Faculti will not be able to provide access to your users. Agreed terms Definitions and interpretation End User:     a visitor to the Licensee’s website(s). Faculti Media:    Faculti Media Limited, incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 08403116, whose registered office is at Faculti Media Limited, Office 7, 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN, United Kingdom Insitution:    means the institution in whose name the Data Sharing User Account was created. Territory:     Worldwide Website:    the website to which ( resolves. I hereby agree to the Data Sharing Agreement between Faculti Media Limited and the Institution below. 1. Institutions party to the Agreement and definition of terms 1.1 The following agreement governs the provision of registered students' personal data by the Institution to Faculti Media Limited and identifies the purposes for which that data may be used. 1.2 In this agreement "data controller", "data processor", "personal data" and "sensitive personal data" shall have meanings as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). 1.3 Both Faculti Media Limited and the Institution are, individually, registered as data controllers with the information Commissioner's Office. Both organisations shall be data controllers in common of any student personal data shared. This means that each will be separately responsible for its own processing, and for ensuring that students' personal data is processed only for the purposes described in the Data Protection Statement (, or by Subsequent agreement directly with the student. 2. Purpose of the sharing 2.1 Faculti Media Limited will only use the personal data for the following purposes: 2.11 Administration of registration to Faculti services, content and product. 2.12 Generation of audience size and demographic reports 2.13 Verification of student identity 2.14 General membership administration 2.15 To allow email Communication between Faculti Media Limited and its members 3. information to be shared 3.1 the Institution will provide Faculti Media Limited with the following registered student data from its student information database: 3.1.1. Student Forename 3.1.2 Student Surname 3.1.3 University email address 3.1.4 Programme of study 3.1.5 Year of study No sensitive personal data will be transferred between the University of Institution and Faculti Media Limited. The Institution will provide data for registered current students only. 4. Data ownership, retention and access 4.1. Both the Institution and Faculti Media Limited warrant that all personal data shared under this agreement will be kept secure and protected against unauthorised access, use or disclosure. If Faculti Media Limited becomes aware of any potential data breach of security which involves data owned by the Institution it must be raised with the Institution immediately. Facuti Media Limited will act as a data processor to obtain student data directly from the Institution. The personal data will be transmitted to Faculti Media Limited electronically using a secure file sharing system. 5. Conditions for the processing of student personal data 5.1 With regard to the use of students' personal data, Faculti Media Limited shall: 5.1.1 ensure compliance with the eight data protection principles in the DPA; 5.1.2 ensure compliance with the Institution Data Protection Policy; 5.1.3 ensure that any employee of Faculti Media Limited or its data processors who process student personal data are fully aware of the DPA and its principles before processing begins; 5.1.4 ensure that any data processor Faculti Media Limited uses has security policies and procedures ensuring compliance with Principle 7 of the DPA Any data breach that occurs as a direct result of action by Faculti Media Limited, or third parties acting on their behalf, shall result in Faculti Media Limited being liable in law for any consequences. 6. Compliance with the Data Protection Act 6.1 Notification with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Each party has a Notification as a data controller with the ICO, detailing the purposes of personal data processing by each as follows: Faculti Media Limited: ZA210229 7. Restrictions on the use of information 7.1 The information provided by the Institution to Faculti Media Limited shall not be passed to any third party without the express approval of the Institution 7.1.2 Students shall be given a clear opportunity in each mailing to opt out of future mailings. 7.1.3 Information sent to students shall relate directly to the products and services provided by Faculti Media Limited which are of genuine benefit to students. 8. Student opt out rights 8.1 The following opt out procedures shall be in place: 8.1.1 If a student notifies Faculti Media Limited that they object to their information being shared then their personal data will no longer be included in the transfer of information. 8.1.2. Where a student opts out; Faculti Media Limited shall ensure that their personal data is destroyed and no longer processed without delay. 8.1.3 Faculti Media Limited shall maintain a readily accessible and easy-to-use mechanism for students to opt out of having their personal data being processed by Faculti Media Limited at any time. 9. Retention of data 9.1 Personal data must only be kept for the length of time necessary to perform the processing for which it was collected. This applies to both electronic and non-electronic personal data. Faculti Media Limited will ensure that it adheres to the Institution records retention policies for student personal data. 10. Review and publication 10.1 This agreement is to be reviewed annually between 1 August and 31 August. If no changes are required, reconfirmation may be by email. It may also be reviewed at other times if it is necessary to add a new type of data processing to the agreement or make other urgent changes. This agreement may be published on the the Institution and Faculti Media Limited websites.

Data Sharing Agreement between Faculti Media Limited and the named Institution below:

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