Cosmological phase transitions

Finding and characterising robust quantum controls

Digital Quantum Simulation of the Spin-Boson Model under Markovian Open-System Dynamics

The Impact of Supermassive Black Holes on Milky Way and Andromeda-mass Progenitors

The Geller Equation

The Ring Nebula as a laboratory for the interaction of molecules

Approximate impedance models for sound propagation over acoustically-hard ground

The Joy of Science

How the classical world emerges from quantum physics

Unifying Neural-network Quantum States and Correlator Product States via Tensor Networks

New sensitivity of LHC measurements to composite dark matter models

Impact of Monovalent Metal Halides on the Structural and Photophysical Properties of Halide Perovskite

Smart nanomaterials for cancer diagnosis and treatment

On Bottlenecks, Helmholtz and Hearing

The Polaris Linear Plasma Device

Gravity and the standard model with neutrino mixing

Emergence and control of complex behaviors in driven systems of interacting qubits with dissipation

A Massive Star Census of the Starburst Cluster R136

Tidal dissipation in evolving low-mass and solar-type stars

Tidal bores: Myths, Fables and Reality

Measuring Effective Temperatures of Qubits Using Correlations

Evolution of large-scale flow from turbulence in a two-dimensional superfluid

The regular black hole in four dimensional Born–Infeld gravity

Modified teleparallel theories of gravity

Overcoming the rate–distance limit of quantum key distribution

Kaons and ultra-rare kaon decays

Emergent Elasticity in Amorphous Solids

The Cosmic Baryon and Metal Cycles

Fractionalizing a local pair density wave

Spatially-Resolved Spectroscopic Properties of Galaxies

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