Effects of nutrient concentration and magnetic field exposure on yeast colony growth

A roadmap for collection, handling and storage of blood extracellular vesicles

Emergence and control of complex behaviors in driven systems of interacting qubits with dissipation

Mind the gap: Signal movement through plasmodesmata is critical for the manifestation of SAR

The search for ‘evolution-proof’ antibiotics

A Massive Star Census of the Starburst Cluster R136

Estimating climate sensitivity using two-zone energy balance models


Tidal dissipation in evolving low-mass and solar-type stars

Tidal bores: Myths, Fables and Reality

Measuring Effective Temperatures of Qubits Using Correlations

Exoskeleton use in post-stroke gait rehabilitation

Big-Data Science in Porous Materials

Short-tailed shearwaters breeding in Australia forage in Antarctic waters

Photophobic and phototropic movement of a self-oscillating gel

The neurophysiologic basis of immobilization-induced skeletal muscle decline

Human Astrocytes and Hypoxia

Plasmodium knowlesi: experimental model, zoonotic pathogen and golden opportunity?

Evolution of large-scale flow from turbulence in a two-dimensional superfluid

Food insecurity increases energetic efficiency, not food consumption

The Arctic Observing Summit

Cancer stem cells and taxane resistance

The regular black hole in four dimensional Born–Infeld gravity

Modified teleparallel theories of gravity

Chemically induced repair, adhesion, and recycling of polymers made by inverse vulcanization

Trapped indoors? Long-distance dispersal in mygalomorph spiders and its effect on species ranges

Molecular Machines

The Promise and Uncertainty of Fruit and Vegetable Prescriptions in Health Care

Sublethal effects of contaminants on marine habitat-forming species

Overcoming the rate–distance limit of quantum key distribution

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus genome in Sub-Saharan Africa

Restore or Redefine: Future Trajectories for Restoration

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