Analysis of rare coding variants reveals novel genetic risk factors for type 2 diabetes

Cosmological phase transitions

Nature’s Best Hope

Filamentous fungi for future functional food and feed

Geomorphological changes in the coastal area of Farasan Al-Kabir Island

The Mouse Cortical Connectome Maintains Specificity by Distinct Connectivity Profiles

Finding and characterising robust quantum controls

Engineered Nanosugar Enables Rapid and Sustained Glucose-Responsive Insulin Delivery

Nutrition and Microbiome

Eruptive style controls the formation of silicon hexafluoride salts on volcanic ash

Digital Quantum Simulation of the Spin-Boson Model under Markovian Open-System Dynamics

Long-term host–pathogen evolution of retroviruses in mouse lemurs

The Impact of Supermassive Black Holes on Milky Way and Andromeda-mass Progenitors

Use of road underpasses by mammals and a monitor lizard in eastern Australia

The Geller Equation

The Ring Nebula as a laboratory for the interaction of molecules

Approximate impedance models for sound propagation over acoustically-hard ground

Turning Fruit Wastes into Valuable Material for Water Purifier

Neural control of three-dimensional gaze shifts

The Joy of Science

Quantifying nectar production by flowering plants in urban and rural landscapes

Morbillivirus cross-species infection: is there a risk for humans?

How the classical world emerges from quantum physics

A grass-roots science movement to rebuild Lebanon

Unifying Neural-network Quantum States and Correlator Product States via Tensor Networks

New sensitivity of LHC measurements to composite dark matter models

sFDvent: A global trait database for deep-sea hydrothermal-vent fauna

CountQuest: A Card Game Played on Zoom for Revising Effective Atomic Number Concept


Impact of Monovalent Metal Halides on the Structural and Photophysical Properties of Halide Perovskite

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