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The Life and Music of George Jeffreys

Disentangling the effect of measures, variants and vaccines on SARS-CoV-2 Infections in England

Ethnography in evolution: adapting to the animal “other” in organizations

Perfect Withdrawal in a Noisy World

Vulnerability of the United Kingdom’s food supply chains exposed by COVID-19

Monetary policy at the zero lower bound: Information in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet

Implicit Statistical Learning Across Modalities and Its Relationship With Reading in Childhood

Pairwise Kidney Exchange over the Blood Group Barrier

Charles Dickens and the Gothic

Ousden Hall Gardens

The fetters of inheritance? Equal partition and regional economic development

The Precarious Rationality of International Law: Critiquing the International Rule of Recognition

Paying for health gains

Reflection, realignment and refraction

Do Small Hospitals have Lower Quality?

The origins of monetary policy disagreement

Humanities, criticality and transparency

Public Reason, Partisanship and the Containment of the Populist Radical Right

Does public long-term care expenditure improve care-related quality of life of service users in England?

Facial identity across the lifespan

What price compromise?

Radical Chic? How Culture Countered Wesker in the 1960s

Overcoming the rate–distance limit of quantum key distribution

Developing reflective practice for managers

Lad Culture in Higher Education

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