Nowcasting of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

Minimize the Error of the Numerical Differentiation

Multiplicative orders of Gauss periods and the arithmetic of real quadratic fields

Microswimmer Propulsion by Two Steadily Rotating Helical Flagella

Statistics and Scientific Method

Leveraging Prior Known Vector Green Functions in Solving Perturbed Dirac Equation in Clifford Algebra

Chirality in the plane

Building future generations of statisticians – who cares?

Portfolio Optimization for Cointelated Pairs: SDEs vs Machine Learning

Some Numerical Methods for the Hele-Shaw Equations

The Game of Poker Chips, Dominoes and Survival

Five Nonobvious Changes in Editorial Practice for Submissions in a Post p < 0.05 Universe

Geometric stabilisation via p-adic integration

Residually finite rationally solvable groups and virtual fibring

Exact Inference with Approximate Computation for Differentially Private Data via Perturbations

An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics

Irrational Exuberance: Correcting Bias in Probability Estimates

Entropy Growth in the Central Limit Theorem

The Hiring Gambit: In Search of the Twofer Data Scientist

Non-Spherically Symmetric Collapse in AdS Spacetimes

String-Theory-Based Predictions in Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases

A Visualization of the Classical Musical Tradition

Calabi-Yau Volumes and Reflexive Polytopes

Deep-Learning the Landscape

Triangulations of the sphere, bitrades and abelian groups

Reconstruction and quantization of Riemannian structures

Modality, mathematics, and logic

Analogy – Random walks through the Sahara Desert

Self-avoiding trails on the square lattice

Product Replacement Algorithm

Riemann Sigma function – Algebraic Geometry and real-world dynamics

Marcus du Sautoy

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