Past in present

Developing Definitions of Reform in the Church in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries

Decolonizing the United Nations

Communicating the Untimely: Pope Benedict Xvi’s Resignation and the Second Franciscan age

The War on Heresy

A neglected source of household air pollution

Creating God: The birth and growth of major religions

Queer Crossings: Kinship, Marriage, and Sexuality in Igboland and Carriacou

Eugenics in Australia and New Zealand and the Limits of Illiberalism

Civilization and the Culture of Science

Prophets and Ghosts: The Story of Salvage Anthropology

Humanities, criticality and transparency

What is Spatial History?

Hesiod’s Verbal Craft

A Bridge Between

A Common Humanity

On Plato’s Timaeus

Crusoe and His Consequences

Radical conduct: politics, sociability and equality in London 1789-1815

Clergy in English minsters c.800-c.1100

The Clergy in the Medieval World

Empire and Aftermath

Ancient States and Infrastructural Power

The Baptized Muse: Early Christian poetry as cultural authority

Jews and the Military

The Origins of Israel, 1882–1948: A Documentary History

Heritage in the Modern World:  Historical Preservation in International Perspective 

Crafting Inclusion for ‘Invalid’ Women

The living presence of the gods in ancient Greece

Modern Historical Preservation

The beginning of the modern era of renal physiology

The Light of thy Countenance

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