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Drink Driving as the Commonest Drug Driving

Failing victims, fuelling hate

Process Analytics for Education

Can Return Forecasts Enhance International Asset Allocation?

We need to increase MMR vaccine uptake urgently

Comparing Home and Clinic Based Visual Acuity Testing

New sensitivity of LHC measurements to composite dark matter models

COIL: Constrained Optimization in Learned Latent Space

sFDvent: A global trait database for deep-sea hydrothermal-vent fauna

Impact of Monovalent Metal Halides on the Structural and Photophysical Properties of Halide Perovskite

Skateboarding and the City

Crisis policy enactment: primary school leaders’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in England

EU payment services regulation and international developments

Trade unions and the well-being of workers

The Two Disjointed Faces of R&D and the Productivity Gap in Europe

The Bentham Brothers and Russia

On Bottlenecks, Helmholtz and Hearing

Queering the Reasonable Person

Henry Brougham and the Invention of Cannes

Drinking to Mana and Ethnicity

Burying Samuelson’s Multiplier-Accelerator and Resurrecting Goodwin’s Growth Cycle

The Impacts of a Multifaceted Pre-natal Intervention on Human Capital Accumulation in Early Life

The Cross-Border Effects of Bank Capital Regulation

The Economics of Contemporary Latin America

The Search for Good Jobs

The regular black hole in four dimensional Born–Infeld gravity

Modified teleparallel theories of gravity

Chirality in the plane

When Brokerage Between Friendship Cliques Endangers Trust

The Contested Politics of Post-Conflict Northern Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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