The Global Fight Against LGBTI Rights

Flood vulnerability and risk assessment of urban traditional buildings

Medellín’s Low-Carbon Metrocables

PISA and Global Education Policy

Analysis of rare coding variants reveals novel genetic risk factors for type 2 diabetes

The market for inflation risk

Popularizing the Past

The experience of occupation in the Nord, 1914-18

Blackface and Black Faces on German and Austrian Stages, 1847-1914

Manifestations of Neo-Liberalised and Politically Incapacitated Societies

The Ring Nebula as a laboratory for the interaction of molecules


An improved algorithm to harmonize child overweight and obesity prevalence rates

Methods and Applications of Computational Immunology

The “public-isation” of private space – towards a charter of public space rights and responsibilities

Heating with steam methane reformed hydrogen

Political constitutionalism

Ethical and Regulatory Considerations of Placental Therapeutics

Drink Driving as the Commonest Drug Driving

Failing victims, fuelling hate

Process Analytics for Education

Can Return Forecasts Enhance International Asset Allocation?

We need to increase MMR vaccine uptake urgently

Comparing Home and Clinic Based Visual Acuity Testing

New sensitivity of LHC measurements to composite dark matter models

COIL: Constrained Optimization in Learned Latent Space

sFDvent: A global trait database for deep-sea hydrothermal-vent fauna

Impact of Monovalent Metal Halides on the Structural and Photophysical Properties of Halide Perovskite

Skateboarding and the City

Crisis policy enactment: primary school leaders’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in England

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