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City-regional imaginaries and politics of rescaling

A critical genre approach to reviewing legal education in the global, digital age

Internal market orientation, interdepartmental relationships and market performance

‘Buy British’: An analysis of UK attempts to turn a slogan into government policy

Flyovers, freeways and the politics of urban mobility

International Student Experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The risks of standardised school building design

James Harrington: An Intellectual Biography

Project Based Learning with real world connections

Vividness, time and the restitution of sociological imagination

The Linguacuisine Project: A Cooking-based Language Learning Application

Camps and Migration Governance

Phenotypic Preference in Mexican Migrants

The War on Heresy

Sacred Rhythms and Political Frequencies

Integrating Study Skills in First Year Politics Modules

What drives support for social distancing?

Nazi plans for a new European order and European responses

Proportional Tax under Ambiguity

Democracy, national and transnational

A study into ‘Parenting Apart’

Food insecurity increases energetic efficiency, not food consumption

Research Co-production with Young Women through an Out-of-School Residential Trip

Meritocracy, Pragmatism and Possibilities

Challenging the visual: learning from the mobility narratives of visually impaired persons

The International Encyclopaedia of Gender, Media and Communication

Hermann Budzislawski and the Twentieth Century

Politics of Difference: Epistemologies of Peace

The rise of short fibre reinforced plastics

Romeo and Juliet with Chinese characteristics

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