Middle-class mothers’ participation in tutoring for spoken English

Challenges of working in undervalued technical schools

Inclusion and marginalisation of learners in primary education

Making sense of British Muslim parents’ objections to ‘progressive’ sexuality education

Competitive accountability and the dispossession of academic identity

Depictions of gender in a business English textbook

Are adult learners in Europe happier than non-learners?

Asian Women, Identity and Migration

The hateful other: neo-Nazis in school and teachers’ strategies for handling racism

Conflicting logics of online higher education

Social fragmentation and the public–private school divide

Schooling, Selection and Social Mobility over the Last 50 Years

Wasted, manipulated and compressed times

Feminine subjectivities and aspirational learner identities

Physical education teachers in Australia

Pupils’ experiences, preparation and support systems during school transitions

The Future of Action Research in Education

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Adolescents’ Self-Discovery in Groups

Socio-scientific issue-based learning

Exploring Education and Childhood

Visionary Women and Visible Children

A History of the Sociology of Childhood

Schooling as a Vygotskian conception of experience

Education: an applied multidisciplinary field?

A Social History of Educational Studies and Research

The influence of grandparents’ social class on children’s aspirations

British-Islamic Identity: Third-Generation Bangladeshis from East London

The Educational Strategies of the Black Middle Classes

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