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Developing Definitions of Reform in the Church in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries

Fracking and the Case of Expert Excess

Racialised Futures: On Risk, Race and Finance

Identifying and Interpreting Incongruent Film Music

Tidal dissipation in evolving low-mass and solar-type stars

A Comprehensive Comparison of Fiscal and Monetary Policies

Jousting Over Jurisdiction: Sovereignty and International Law in Late Nineteenth-Century South Asia

The Garden of Forking Paths

How energy poor households engage with the British retail energy market

The country and Irish problem

Keeping the demos out of liberal democracy?

Undergraduate Resilience Research Project

The nation in chapel: Catholic citizenship and religious question in Spain, 1793-1874

Full Taxation: The Single Tax Emperor’s New Clothes

Recovering a ‘lost’ account

England’s fresh approach to food waste

Food Insecurity and Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa

Factors in use of family planning services in a refugee camp

Industrial policy, place and democracy

The Regulation of Consumer Credit: A Transatlantic Analysis

The linguistic challenges of the transition from primary to secondary school

Designing Energy Use in a Rural Setting

Clergy in English minsters c.800-c.1100

Danish Ferocity and Abandoned Monasteries: the Twelfth-century View

The Clergy in the Medieval World

Policing cybercrime: networked and social media technologies and the challenges for policing

Copyright, trolling and speculative invoicing in the shadow of the law

The Mediterranean and North Africa, 1940–1944

Alamein: Great Battles

The Art of Anglo-Saxon England

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