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Full or subject access to Faculti content for all users within your institution (all students, faculty and staff).
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For Teaching and Learning:
Up to 2000 new videos produced annually from the world’s leading academic figures and institutions.
Course viewing lists, email updates, advanced search functionality.
Secure SSO access (IP/Proxy/Shibboleth).
Full MARC records. Quarterly usage metrics.
Member of Ex Libris Alma, INFLIBNET, UKFED and JISC.

Course-mapped digital resource to support college, UG, PG and Executive education courses.
Cutting-edge academic and professional insights from the world’s leading figures.
Full integration with federated identity solutions, such as Shibboleth and IP Access. MARC Records, COUNTER4 Statistics.

Huge interdisciplinary digital library hosting videos from across subject spectrum.
Easy to access, informative, engaging interviews and authoritative insights.
Updated with 40 new videos monthly.
HD Videos (1920 x 1080) 48000Hz Stereo sound.

For Research Communication:
Access to unrivalled audience comprised of the academic community and the wider library and information community.
University page on Faculti showcasing your academic figures and key research.
2 days focused institution video production covering figures/subjects of your choice. You nominate and we undertake all the logistics.

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Why subscribe to Faculti?
"Faculti research videos are an invaluable resource for students and general members of the public exploring disciplines and issues. They are also important for researchers to share their ideas and thinking with broader audiences, and for universities to showcase their academic staff and research strengths."
Trevor Marchand, Emeritus Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies

"Faculti’s aim is to communicate research in a way that is accessible to the wider public. The videos are professionally made and the participants present their ideas clearly in an unadorned, simple way, largely relying on direct, to camera communication, without any other audiovisual aids. A simple idea, well executed."
British Universities Film and Video Council

"I teach history, and assign my students chapters from McCormick’s Origins of the European Economy. I found the Faculti McCormick video – and we watched it in class in conjunction with the reading."
Laura E. Wangerin, Seton Hall University